Review: Editions by AOL (iPad)

This past Wednesday, AOL released it’s Editions iPad app. The free iOS tablet app does a fairly decent job of providing content in a novel manner that fits with today’s fast-pace multi-tasking society. AOL has done a nice job in their initial offering of its app, but there are a couple features that are lacking or could be improved upon. All in all this is an app that is definitely worth the time it takes to download and setup and of course is free. An in-depth view of some of the app’s more interesting features can be found after the break.

A really nice feature of the Editions app is its Integration of Facebook and Twitter along with your calendar information. By linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts to the app, you are greeted with not only the latest news for various topics, but also given a discrete reminder of any appointments or reminders for the next week along with birthday reminders courtesy of your Facebook profile.

The app allows for customization of not only content to be displayed but also for some aesthetic customization as well in regards to color etc. One area that the app could use some additional improvement on is in regards to selection of available content. While the app currently allows for display of a broad range of topics, it would be nice to see AOL eventually add an additional level of customization to allow for incorporating favorite RSS Feeds and possibly some level of Google Reader incorporation similar to Flipboard,Inc’s Flipboard for iPad app. This customization would really help in regards to the Sports and Local News sections.

A final feature that is really nice is the ability to designate a specific time for the app to create your daily edition. This is a handy feature as it is possible to have the app create your own daily news magazine at a time which is most convenient for you the reader. I personally set mine to create my daily edition for 6 AM so I can enjoy catching up on the news over breakfast.

Overall the app is a great way to catch up on the current news while enjoying your morning cup of coffee, or for a little afternoon reading.

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